Welcome to Liquid Life Fundraisers aka BunaMobile where, "It is not about a coffee rush, it is all about a coffee experience."  Raising Awareness for Causes that are important to us, in our Communities around the world.

Uniting Organizations, Communities and individuals in need of help                                "One sip at a Time"

BunaMobile in the beginning focused solely on expediting and delivering Pre-Roasted Coffees to the area but Now has expanded to in- house, private roast , via #Mrbuna MyersRoastBuna, Micro-Roaster, Mini-Roaster.

 For Large Quantity Fundraising Projects or Campaigns, Don-Francisco,  Cameroon Boyo, and many other Great Roasting Companies will be Hand Picked to provide neverending unique tastes for your palate, whether fundraising for a Race, Rally, Cause, Corporate Functions, Large Fundraisers, and in any Capacity that MyersRoastBuna cannot . These Roasters are all Selected for Freshness, Quality Cupping and Excellent Sourcing.  

BunaMobile has become inspired to the Pick up the Pan and Roast but I wanted to Roast for a Cause, not just to have "The Best or Freshest Cup", but to help develop new opportunities for individuals in need.

 I have Developed a small following of people who have Loved all of the Coffees I have brewed for them as well as have fallen in love with my #MyersRoastBuna #mrbuna. http://neldenmaarrow.wix.com/myersroastbuna



  Buna Mobile will "Roast For a Cause" for endless Non--Profit, For-Profit, private organizations,  as well as a Portion of our products and profits for BUNAMOBILE will be donated to Love By the Handles inc. in Washington D.C. , a Non-Profit organization dedicated to helping individuals in transition.  Buna Mobile will also deliver C.O.D. Depending on proximity from our base.  

  Please See FUNDRAISER or email me Nelden@Bunamobile.com for Pre- Order Forms, and order for your Organizations Fundraiser.


(Non Fundraising Inquiries) Please:

 Click Products to Orders Sample Gift Jars or 5oz. gift bags of our Fine Coffees.  For specific info on Crops in Stock and Roast Levels please email me BunaBluesCafe@gmail.com  we can discuss your order and I will personally roast to your order   5oz. and 1 lb. bags are available.