If you are willing to pay 2-3$ per cup of Coffee for some of the most fresh Coffee   (Whole Bean), from some of the most unique micro-lot, estate, and single origin, while "Changing the World One Sip At A Time" Donate your Sips with Us, We are the Ones who Put the #Care in Coffee. Liquid Life!

Entry Level Donations: Each 5oz. Bag is 25$ (retail For a Cause) and prices always vary depending on crop availability,  (this is around 2.00 per cup) you will  get about 12-15 cups from a 5oz. bag.   Share your Great Experience with friends become a repeat Donor. Receive Free Gifts, Loyalty Discounts, Develop your own Campaign for something in your Community or School.

Entry Level Donations Go to the In-House Campaigns. Love by the Handles, a DC based Non-Profit Outreach, Or EveDelights (PlanetBuna/BunaBluesCafe). as well as National Guard.

. 5$-10$ (varying on Origin of the Specialty Coffee) of the 5oz. Bags donation will go toward the organization.

Exotic Coffees,  Home-Made Cookies, Deserts

Fundraisers:  We are Willing to Help Fundraise for any Worthy Cause.  We have  Marketing Strategies to attract clients and are visible in the Communities where we receive donations.

PLEASE CONTACT ME AT   BunaBluesCafe@gmail.com     FOR CAMPAIGN STRATEGIES.  All Efforts are at will and not under any contract and does not guarantee any monies or donations. If and when we succeed we will donate accordingly.